Hop Valley: Stash Variety 12 pack 12oz

Hop Valley: Stash Variety 12 pack 12oz


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Cryo Stash:"The latest creation to be pulled from our stash of Cryo Hops®, Cryo Stash is a perfectly smooth Imperial IPA showcasing Simcoe hops treated at sub zero temps, yet bursting with warm tropical, citrus flavor and aroma."
Mango & Stash: "Made to honor the likes of the cop buddy smash hit movie “Tango and Cash,” this end of summer sipper is sure to please. Unlike some of our fruit beers before, this one packs an impressive hop punch from the addition of Mosaic Hop Hash. We add a tiny bit in the boil and then a generous amount post-secondary fermentation of Mango. Sip, Love, Repeat!"
Bubble Stash: "Our brewers reached into their secret stash of Mosaic cryo-hop resin to create a tropical dankness in this new age IPA. Take a hit of these bright sweet fruit notes in this easy drinking bubbler. You won’t want to pass this one!"
Stash Panda:"A damn trash panda got into our Stash of Cryo Hops®... and STASH PANDA was born! Stash Panda Hazy IPA features Citra Cryo Hops® and a hefty helping of grapefruit peel, giving this bright, hazy tropical ale an unmasked citrus flavor and aroma."

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