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Carlsberg 6 Pack

Carlsberg 6 Pack


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Probably the best beer in the world, and the flagship brand in Carlsberg Group's portfolio. A regular in millions of bars across 140 countries worldwide, it is a truly international beer brand. Hordeum vulgare. That s the Latin name for barley, but there s nothing vulgar about it. In fact, it is a rather special malting barley we use. We have our own Barley Breeding Group, which works in close contact with our brewmasters. The group selects the barley with the best traits and grows it in our research fields, using only traditional breeding methods, 100 free of genetic modifications. Considering that Carlsberg is made from 100 pure malt i.e. no adjuncts it could take some years before we breed the necessary amount of barley. Probably worth the effort. Hops are our secret ingredient. Of course it is no secret that we use hops in our beer, but the types we use are prepared according to a secret recipe that s exclusive to us. It s called the Carlsberg Aroma Hop Extract and nobody but us at Carlsberg can use it. After all, there can only be one best beer in the world. Yeast is at the heart of our history. In 1879, Carlsberg was the first brewery to produce a purified brewer s yeast, the Saccharomyces Carlsbergensis. Since then we ve been constantly working to improve our yeast s taste and the stability of our beer. We do it by using a classic breeding method, which means it can take up to 20 trials and several years to obtain a new yeast strain that s good enough for brewing

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