Boulevard: Deep Flux 4 Pack

Boulevard: Deep Flux 4 Pack


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"A while back, we took the brewers from 3 Floyds on a long
walk past thousands of our bourbon, rum, tequila, and red wine barrels. We stopped to rest next to a collection of rye whiskey and Madeira wine casks. After a few beers we agreed that yes, these were the chosen ones. A couple more beers and we heard them tell us they wanted to be filled with barleywine – and when barrels speak, we listen. But when collaborating with 3 Floyds, predictable just won’t do, so we made this barleywine different, lighter in color than you might expect. It’s a rich, malty brew that beautifully complements the resplendent flavors of rye, Madeira, and
oak lurking in the barrels.
Vanilla, butterscotch, whiskey
Roast, caramel"

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